How to adjust the Hands on Casio GM-2100 Steel

How to adjust the Hands on Casio GM-2100 Steel

Adjusting the hands on a Casio G-Shock GM-2100 or similar watch involves a slightly different process compared to setting the digital time. The hands on analog-digital watches like the GM-2100 are typically adjusted independently from the digital display. Here's a detailed guide on how to adjust the watch hands:

Enter Hand Adjustment Mode: To begin adjusting the hands, you'll need to enter the hand adjustment mode. Start by pressing and holding the "Adjust" button. This button is usually located on the top right side of the watch face. Hold it until you see the hands start to move or until the hands enter the hand adjustment mode.

Select the Hand to Adjust: Once you're in the hand adjustment mode, you can select which hand you want to adjust. Use the buttons on the watch to navigate between the hour hand, minute hand, and sometimes the second hand.

Adjusting the Hour and Minute Hands: Once you've selected the hand you want to adjust (typically starting with the hour hand), use the buttons to move the hand clockwise or counterclockwise to set it to the desired position. The hour and minute hands may move at different rates, so be patient and ensure both hands are set accurately.

Adjusting the Second Hand (if applicable): Some models allow you to adjust the second hand as well. If you need to adjust the second hand, select it using the buttons and then use the same process to set it to the correct position.

Fine-Tuning: After setting the hands roughly to the correct positions, you may need to fine-tune their alignment. Use small adjustments to ensure each hand lines up precisely with the hour markers on the watch face.

Exit Hand Adjustment Mode: Once you've finished adjusting all the hands to the desired positions, you can exit the hand adjustment mode. Press the "Adjust" button again to exit the mode and save your changes.

Verify Accuracy: After adjusting the hands, it's a good idea to verify their accuracy by comparing them with the digital time display or another reliable time source. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the hands are set correctly.

Additional Tips: If you find it difficult to adjust the hands precisely, try using a magnifying glass or holding the watch closer to your eyes for better visibility. Also, take your time during the adjustment process to avoid accidentally moving the hands past the desired positions.
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